Lady Gaga Slammed for 'Glamorizing' Bulimia During SXSW Vomit Performance

Lady Gaga Slammed for 'Glamorizing' Bulimia During SXSW Vomit Performance

It wasn’t just singer Demi Lovato who thought Lady Gaga’s vomit-coated performance at SXSW was in poor taste.

A new online petition is slamming Lady Gaga for allowing herself to be vomited on during her set at the entertainment festival earlier this week. The nearly 10,000 petition signers say the ARTPOP singer “glamorized” bulimia, an eating disorder the singer herself once battled.

If Lady Gaga thinks these stunts are at all original, she is very wrong. Punk acts have incorporated vomiting and other gross displays into their performances since the early 70s at least. But unlike those acts, Lady Gaga intends to be a role model, especially for young people. Glamorizing bulimia will only harm her fans, and considerably lowers her music and her message. Please sign the petition to ask Lady Gaga to end her professional relationship with Millie Brown and to stop using imagery that could trigger fans struggling with eating disorders!

Millie Brown, the artist who vomited on the singer during the performance, defended herself by claiming some have called her work “liberating.”

I obviously do not intend to promote bulimia,” she added. “I think a lot of people who actually have suffered from eating disorders have found my performance very liberating — have come up to me personally and expressed that. So I think it has actually affected a lot of people in a positive way rather than negative.