AMC Theaters CEO on ObamaCare Changes: 'Make Up Your Mind'

AMC Theaters CEO on ObamaCare Changes: 'Make Up Your Mind'

The head of a major movie theater chain has had enough of all the changes swirling around the implementation of ObamaCare.

AMC Entertainment CEO Gerry Lopez called the crush of health care delays and modifications “annoying,” but he was just warming up.

It introduces a level of uncertainty that is troublesome, and has no right to be introduced,” Lopez told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview Tuesday in Las Vegas, where theater owners are holding their annual convention, CinemaCon. “The damn law just keeps changing. Make up your mind.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that theater chains like AMC rely on part-time workers, something which puts AMC in direct confrontation with ObamaCare policies.

Perhaps the biggest issue facing exhibitors is a provision that declares an employee is full time if they work 30 hours a week, versus the historic 40 hours. Employers will have to provide affordable health care to any full-time worker.

The 30 hour rule was delayed, but takes effect next year for any company with more than 100 employees.