Antonio Banderas Returns to Spain for Holy Week

Antonio Banderas Returns to Spain for Holy Week

Actor Antonio Banderas may call Los Angeles home these days, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots or his faith.

The Desperado star returned to his native Spain this week to celebrate Holy Week. He also joined the Catholic processions in the days before Easter Sunday. The actor graciously took pictures with fans during his visit.

Banderas likes to return to his church brotherhood ‘Tears and Favours’ to take part in the traditional marches that take place throughout Spanish towns and cities to mark Holy Week….

The haunting processions take place each Easter in Spain, with penitents wearing gowns and conical hoods – a tradition that was meant to maintain their anonymity – as they carry life-size effigies of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary through city streets accompanied by dramatic drum beats and mournful music.

While Malaga is a popular city to watch the processions – particularly due to its famous star – by far the most visited city for the Catholic celebration is Seville, in Andalucia, where the medieval centre is packed out with faithful penitents from different church brotherhoods.