Is This the Liberal Endgame?

Is This the Liberal Endgame?

This week, the trailer for the latest installment in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay, was released. As I was watching this trailer, something really struck me: the themes touched on in this film are essentially the endgame of today’s American liberalism. 

An all-controlling Big Government that forces unity, prosperity; it’s government that calls on you to sacrifice for the greater good. I am not suggesting that today’s Democrat Party will lead us literally to the society depicted in the Hunger Games series, but there are some lessons we can learn when we watch these films based on the dystopian novels.

One of the first things we can learn is that in an attempt to create a utopia, liberal policies and ultimate government control has the opposite effect. Creating a centralized government that is too powerful and dictates what all citizens must do for what they deem as the “greater good” is what we conservatives have been fighting so hard against, especially these past several years.

It isn’t up to the government to decide what is best, what is fair, and how people prosper. Our very nation was founded upon principles that were to be the opposite of a centralized monarchy; it was to free individuals to dictate their own terms and enjoy their God-given freedoms. Noticeably absent from the Hunger Games novels and modern liberalism is just that: God.

Just two years ago at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Democrats booed at having any mention of God or Jerusalem in their party platform. When we remove any mention of religion or the Judeo-Christian beliefs our nation in particular was founded upon, that is when things begin to spiral out of control and the unthinkable becomes reality. Leaders and citizens lose direction and sight of from where their freedoms truly are derived. When you don’t know or value your freedoms, it becomes far easier for government to take them away.

The next time you see the movie trailer for Mockingjay, take a few moments and think about the implications of an all-powerful Big Government. In all seriousness, this is why we fight the battles we do every day. All it takes is “for good men to do nothing” and far too many citizens to not pay attention, not fighting tirelessly for their freedoms, and government will take them all away. We have seen it happen with Communism and Fascism, and it can happen again. There is no guarantee it can’t happen here in America.

There is no fight too small, too insignificant. Stand with me in battling daily for our God-given freedoms because before you know it, we could live in a world that looks a lot different than our world today.


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