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Russell Brand's New Documentary: He Might Be Like Ghandi and Jesus

Russell Brand's New Documentary: He Might Be Like Ghandi and Jesus

Russell Brand, the man who recently stated that American media was “extremely conservative” and called for a socialist revolution last year, will star in his own feature-length documentary.

The film highlights his personal and spiritual transition from a comedian-actor to a “budding political activist.” 

He will reportedly air footage of interviews he conducted with Marines, socialists in London, orphans in Kenya, and inmates on death row.

Brand is said to share his analysis of the behavior patterns of his heroes Malcom X, Jesus, and Ghandi and ultimately reveal how he might be like them. 

“They are all willing to die for what they believe in, all immortal and timeless due to their singular and unwavering dedication to their cause,” the synopsis for the film reads.

The British comedian allowed a film company to record the past five years of his life, which then led to the creation of a documentary. His one-year marriage to Katy Perry will be highly featured too.

“Russell Brand is a troubled visionary who embraced the superficial and doped up times in which we live, only to find it was an empty proposition,” the synopsis continues. “You become famous for what you do, and therefore it’s what you do that matters.”

“BRAND The Film” is currently in pre-production and will premiere in January, 2015. 


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