Kanye West Stops Concert Because Fan in Wheelchair Won't Stand Up

Kanye West Stops Concert Because Fan in Wheelchair Won't Stand Up

Kanye West put a halt on his concert performance this past weekend in Australia because two fans, one in a wheel chair and the other with a prosthetic limb, wouldn’t rise to celebrate and dance to his music.

“I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you get a handicap pass and you got special parking and s**t,” the rapper said during one of the final concerts of his “Yeezus” world tour.

The entire crowd, with the exception of the disabled individuals, stood up. Kanye, unaware of their circumstances, wasn’t pleased. The crowd even booed at the victims, and West reportedly sent a member of his security team to investigate.

“This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do the song–it’s unbelievable,” said the singer.

Finally, after one of the targeted attendees waved her prosthetic limb in the air, Kanye acknowledged her, saying, “Okay, you fine.”

Not long after West’s inappropriate comments toward his handicapped fans went viral, he suggested in a post-concert speech that the press should focus on “real news” and that the entire incident was “blown out of proportion.” 

“I’m a married, Christian man with a family. Pick another target,” he said. “This is real expression. This is real artistry. You know, an artist’s career doesn’t happen in one cycle of news–an artist’s career happens in a lifetime. And if you’re a true artist, you’re willing to die for what you believe in.”

The rapper recently compared the life of a celebrity in 2014 to how black Americans were treated in the 1960s because they had no rights and were vulnerable to slander.

Also, West suggested that life in the spotlight poses such a constant threat to him that performing on stage is in comparable with the duties of a soldier or cop.

Before this instance of alleged fan shaming, West and his new bride Kim Kardashian had intentions to ensure that their baby girl North West had a normal life since she did not choose to pursue a life of celebrity.

The couple hoped to raise the respect level for all celebrities; at least, that’s what the “I Am a God” artist confessed to the his wedding guests during a 45-minute toast.


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