Backstabber Nicolle Wallace Admires Palin Family for Sticking Together

Backstabber Nicolle Wallace Admires Palin Family for Sticking Together

Sarah Palin is known for having the backs of conservatives. Nicolle Wallace is not. 

Wallace, who has elevated her profile in the liberal press and most likely got her co-hosting job on the The View solely because she stabbed Palin and other conservatives in the back to please the media elite, proved it again this week, while gossiping about a story in which the Palin family allegedly brawled to defend their eldest son, who was reportedly attacked at a party in Alaska. 

According to Newsbusters, Wallace said on Monday’s The View, “I mean, sometimes with the Palins, it’s exactly what it looks like, right?”

Wallace has fed the mainstream press lies about Palin in order to cover up her incompetence on the McCain campaign in 2008, so it is not surprising that she would believe a “report” of the fight from an anti-Palin blogger and try to spread it around as widely as possible. Perhaps it takes one to know one. 

Wallace did concede that it was “admirable” for the Palin family to rush to Track’s defense before repeating a debunked report that Palin screamed, “do you know who I am?” But RealClearPolitics contradicted the report from the anti-Palin blogger, who said she did not care what the facts were and did not have time to sort out fact from fiction. Why would she, when her “story” is so good? According to RealClearPolitics, Palin actually said, in reference to her veteran son Track, “do you know who he is?” That’s a lot different than, “do you know who I am?”

Wallace also conceded that the Palin family sticks together, unlike creatures of the permanent political class like Wallace who only look out for themselves by throwing everyone under the bus after every loss. 

“I have seen a few of these passioned Palin encounters,” Wallace continued. “And they do stick together in a way that I think we all hope that our families would for us.”

Too bad Wallace’s former co-workers and bosses can’t rely on her to stick up for them. During her debut on the show, for instance, Rosie O’Donnell asked Wallace about her former boss President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Wallace’s response: not my fault. She instinctively had to let everyone know that she was getting married during that week and was in no way responsible for any of the mishaps. She didn’t defend any of her co-workers, who were working around the clock, with some probably filling in for her, during the crisis. It’s always everyone’s fault except hers. 

O’Donnell, the 9/11 truther who has received a pass for her racism, wanted her conservative lapdog not to be confrontational (translation: someone who doesn’t defend conservatives and plays the “Brooklyn Brawler”).  She has already gushed about Wallace, the unthreatening mousy and docile co-host who will neither defend conservatives not challenge her unfounded biases about them.


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