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'7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins, Alleged Pedophile, Wrote Erotic Fantasy Novels

'7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins, Alleged Pedophile, Wrote Erotic Fantasy Novels

It has been reported that Stephen Collins has an alleged history of child molestation, and now reports have surfaced that he’s an author of two erotic mystery novels. 

Days after TMZ released secret audio tapes of Collins confessing to his therapist that he sexually abused three young girls, Gawker shared details of his books, Eye Contact and Double Exposure. 

Collins’s 1994 novel Eye Contact tells of the struggles of a mentally duressed and sex-crazed New York actress named Nicolette Stallings (Nick), who is apparently at odds over exposing her naked body to people.

The characters in Collins’ literature seem to thrive on the danger of getting caught in the midst of sexual acts. One passage from Eye Contact reads:

There was the sound of someone coming up the stairs. Todd flinched. “Don’t worry,” said Nick. “As long as whoever it is keeps going up the steps, he won’t see us.” 

“But what if it’s someone on this floor?” asked Todd, trying not to break the mood. “People on this floor tend to use the elevator,” said Nick, taking him into her mouth and seemingly surrounding him with her tongue.

Collins routinely describes Nick’s early sexual encounters, long before she became a highly seductive woman overpowered by her own sexual desires. 

“During her emerging swanhood, she discovered a power previously unimagined. She experienced the effect of removing her clothes in front of the opposite sex. It became her deepest secret,” reads one section. “The sources of her first and most heightened sexual experiences were not merely frowned upon, but illegal and sick.”

Double Exposure was published in 1998 and focuses on the life of a New York television critic named Joe, who likes to stare lustfully at his neighbor through a window. There is one particular scene in which Joe comforts his daughter, who fears a stranger is going to break into their home.

“That’ll never happen. We’re ten stories up, the windows are locked, our front door is locked, and there are two more locked doors downstairs. You’re completely safe,” Collins wrote.

One of the unidentified victims of Collins alleged sexual abuse reportedly told law enforcement that reading Collins’ novels motivated her to speak up about it. She claimed she was molested by the actor between the ages of 11 and 13, but remained silent about it for several years. 

Upon reading his books in the year 2000, the victim said she wrote an anonymous letter to Collins’ estranged wife, Faye Grant. In the message, the victim described the assaults and issued a warning that he was capable of doing it again. Other reports say that the woman waited until 2012 to notify police. 

Collins and Grant married in 1985, but separated in February, 2012, after Grant learned of her husband’s suspected pedophilia. In the divorce filing, she stated that she believed her husband used his celebrity status to gain the trust of young girls so he could molest them.


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