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Lena Dunham Lip-Syncs in Feminist PSA: ‘My Body Is Not a Battleground’

Lena Dunham Lip-Syncs in Feminist PSA: ‘My Body Is Not a Battleground’

Lesley Gore’s 1963 feminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me” has been re-purposed by Lena Dunham and dozens of other feminists for a PSA encouraging women to vote in the midterm elections, reports Entertainment Weekly.

In the video, Dunham lip-syncs alongside fellow Hollywood feminists Natasha Lyonne and Tracee Ellis Ross, while female empowerment memos are blasted on the screen. 

Gore, also featured in the music video, announces her approval during the opening. Here are the highlights:

In 2012, 53% of voters were women. Get Your rosaries off my ovaries. My body is not a battleground. Your vote matters, especially when some people plan to overturn Roe V. Wade, immediately defund Planned Parenthood, shut down the nation’s family planning program, and repeal the affordable care act. Let’s send a clear message on Nov. 4. We will not go backwards! When women vote, women win!

“Yes, ladies, we’ve got to come together, get out there and vote, and protect our bodies… They’re ours.” saYS Gore. 

Lena Dunham apparently doesn’t appreciate people telling her what to do or say, but she wants you to watch this video.


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