Lena Dunham Explains Why the Midterms Matter: ‘Keep Sexist Politicians Out of Office’

Lena Dunham Explains Why the Midterms Matter: ‘Keep Sexist Politicians Out of Office’

Lena Dunham has made a final attempt to rally female voters ahead of the midterm elections through another video in which she advocates for reproductive rights and calls out sexist politicians whom she claims want to control the female body.

The three-minute clip is part of a Planned Parenthood campaign titled “Women Are Watching” that urges women to vote for change. 

“I used to think that all that mattered was that you, you know, vote for Obama, then go back to eating Cheetos and reading gossip magazines,” Dunham confessed “But the fact is, the midterm elections matter.”

According to Glamour Magazine, Dunham realized how important the elections were after witnessing recent attacks on reproductive rights. She also told the magazine that millennial youth are not apathetic, at least not in her experience.  

“My friends–as well as the young women I met on my book tour, who are friends now too–have so much joy, anger, hunger for change… I want us to show up at the polls in record numbers, to show that we won’t stand for attacks on women and their rights, that we recognize our power to shape the future,” she explained.

Dunham now believes the midterms are important for several reasons, all of which she explains in the video:

There are politicians who want to control your body another way, by telling you when and how you can seek reproductive health and counsel.

This is how you keep sexist health care policies from passing. This is how you keep sexist politicians out of office. This is how you create the change you want.

When you show up to the polls, you empower yourself, you empower the women you love, and you take control of your own body back from politicians who don’t want the best for you.

Girls want change. Girls are change. You have to vote on Nov. 4.

In case you missed it, Dunham performed for abortion rights with Lil Jon in a “Rock the Vote” music video earlier this month. Last week, she lip-synced to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” fitness anthem in which she also encouraged women to vote in the midterms. 

Watch: Lena Dunham discuss politics and feminism.  


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