Gawker Cites Racism over Blake Lively’s Fondness for Southern Style

Gawker Cites Racism over Blake Lively’s Fondness for Southern Style

Actress Blake Lively has a love for southern fashion and style.

Her new clothing line, inspired by plantation style and culture, has Gawker calling her a racist, citing the release of 12 Years a Slave as the end of slavery. 

The new clothing line, “Allure of Antebellum,” which was inspired by fashion from the pre-Civil War era, also has Gawker‘s Allie Jones coming to non-sequitur conclusions: 

You’d think that after 12 Years a Slave won all those Oscars, slaves are over. But you’d be thinking wrong, says actress and lifestyle guru Blake Lively, whose dogged pursuit of the joie de vivre associated with slavery is such that she chose to be married on a Southern plantation. 

According to a Lively-styled fashion spread on her lifestyle website Preserve, the hottest lifestyle for fall is the lifestyle of owning human beings without government interference. 

The article attempts to stigmatize Lively by connecting a love for white hats and sweet tea with support of slavery. 

Here are the images that reportedly evoke an unparalleled level of “sociopathy” and epitomize slave ownership:




In trying to wipe away an entire era of American history, Gawker is undoubtedly scraping the bottom of the barrel in pursuit of a crusade against an important piece of cultural significance.

Lively made news back in 2012 after her wedding ceremony to actor Ryan Reynolds was held at Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens in South Carolina. 

The article goes on to lampoon southern culture, taste, and mannerisms. 


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