Jane Fonda: Patriarchy is Partially to Blame for Acts of Terrorism

Jane Fonda Reuters

Jane Fonda told the Associated Press Wednesday that patriarchy, not terrorism, is the most burdensome issue facing the world today, and asserted that Islamic militants are likely lashing out because activists like her have challenged their male power structure.

“The most intractable problem that humanity faces is the problem of patriarchy,” said Fonda, which according to her can partially account for the rise in terrorism.

She continued, stating that male power is “wounded,” but insisted: “there’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded beast, thrashing about, flailing its tail with the barbs on it, and a lot of people are really getting hurt badly.”

As for international women’s equality? Jane said, “There’s a lot of guys who won’t stand for it,” including terrorists.

Fonda plans speak at a United Nations event on March 12 to launch a campaign by the women’s rights group “Equality Now,” which will ask international governments to repeal or replace gender discrimination laws.

“You need women elected to office, you need movements in the streets, you need social media, you need every single form of social protest and speaking truth to power that’s possible,” Fonda told the AP.

While Fonda is merely pursuing her feminist dogma, much like her infamous trips to North Vietnam during the height of the Vietnam War, she appears to once again fundamentally misunderstand the complexities of serious global issues.

While groups like ISIS are not renowned for their support of gender equality, and tweeting to stop patriarchy sounds romantic (the modern day equivalent to stuffing a daisy down a rifle barrel), no amount of white man shaming will waive the resolve of an enemy that fundamentally seeks to eradicate that which does not conform to Sharia.

In its scorched earth campaign to destroy “diluted” forms of Islam, democratic governments, and Christians and Jews, the Islamic State doesn’t appear to be a “wounded beast,” as Fonda asserts, but rather a growing threat, one that is indiscriminate in its oppression of all dissidents of its literal translation of the Quran—not just women.

If Jane truly believes in taking to the streets to continue to put a foot on the throat of a wounded enemy, she should start in northern Iraq, where thousands of not only women, but men, children, Christians, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and elderly people are being slaughtered by much more than a centuries-old “patriarchy.”

People are dying en masse at the hands of equal opportunity hatred, which is a human issue.


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