Art Heist Paintings Recovered in ‘Beverly Hills Pawn’ Shop

Beverly Hills Pawn (Reelz)
Beverly Hills, CA

Four paintings that were among six lifted in an art heist from a home in Maine, in 2013 have been recovered from reality TV pawn shop Beverly Hills Pawn.

The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the recovery of the remaining two pieces of N.C. Wyeth art.

“People would be not smart to sell hot stuff to places like this. We report everything. We have to report it,” Yossi Dina, who both owns and stars in the television series, told local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. The value of the four pieces is reportedly estimated to be $2 million.

Dina said a man named Oscar Roberts, 37, gave him two pieces of the pricey work first, “then he came with the other two pieces.” Roberts has been sentenced to 28 months in federal prison, CBS notes. The pieces were reportedly damaged when Dina received them and their value has dropped as a result.

N.C. Wyeth was both an illustrator and an artist who painted nearly 4,000 illustrations for various publications over the course of his life. Much of his work captured the American Western including cowboys and Indians, gun fighters and gold miners, according to the National Museum of American Illustration. His most notable work includes illustrations in the classic children’s literary texts Treasure Island and Tom Sawyer.

FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Rivas told CBS the person responsible for taking the paintings remains a mystery and at large. Tips can be sent to the FBI here.

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