‘The View’ Taps GOP Sellout Ana Navarro as Contributor

Ana Navarro GOP Sellout

After the Nicolle Wallace experiment predictably–and disastrously–failed on The View, the show announced this week that another GOP sellout will be its newest contributor.

Ana Navarro, who started appearing on mainstream media networks after working on the failed Jon Hunstman campaign by being more than willing to denigrate the Tea Party and conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and former Alaska Governor Sarah Pain, will be a contributor next season on the show.

Wallace, whom the mainstream press started liking after she threw Sarah Palin and other conservatives under the bus after the 2008 election in which she and other consultants like Steve Schmidt showed their incompetence–reportedly turned down the network’s offer to be a contributor after she was unceremoniously axed from the show. Wallace was not a conservative so she would not stick up for conservatives on the show. As a result, she was not compelling and there were no fireworks on the show when political issues were discussed. On top of that, Wallace is boring, meek, has no star power, is not compelling, and lacked basic knowledge of popular culture and current events outside of establishment Republican/beltway politics.

When The View announced last year that it was adding GOP sellout Wallace (and former Jeb Bush adviser), Breitbart News predicted that Wallace would be the show’s “Brooklyn Brawler,” who “will be the lapdog who praises liberal Republicans the mainstream media love, while taking cheap shots at conservatives to please her producers and co-hosts.” The show’s producers may “be thrilled to exploit her as their useful Republican,” Breitbart News wrote, “but don’t expect the uninspiring Wallace to get the show out of its ratings slump.”

The same can be said of Navarro, who is one of Jeb Bush’s top cheerleaders.

ABC eventually dumped Wallace because she “underwhelmed ABC bosses by not offering enough dissent about political issues and continually voicing her lack of knowledge about celebrities.”



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