Report: Garth Brooks in Talks to Play Trump Inauguration

Garth Brooks

Country singer Garth Brooks is in talks to play at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this January, Reuters reported.

“Garth has performed for the five living presidents,” Brooks’s publicist Nancy Seltzer said. “While rumor has it that he has been asked to perform for President-elect Trump, he has not been able to commit yet.”

Brooks performed at President Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 alongside a list of performers that included Bruce Springsteen, U2, Beyoncé, and Stevie Wonder.

Many of music’s biggest names such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Jay Z sided with Hillary Clinton this past election season.

No stars have been announced for Trump’s inauguration, but the president-elect’s team denies that it is having trouble attracting top talent to perform at the ceremony.

“We have world-class talent, world-class entertainers reaching out to us offering their help, offering their services so no struggle, whatsoever,” inaugural committee spokesman Boris Epshteyn told ABC News.

Brooks said earlier this month to TMZ that he would open to playing Trump’s inauguration.

“It’s always about serving,” he said. “It’s what you do.”

The theme for the inauguration will be the same slogan as his campaign, “Make America Great Again.”


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