‘Halloween’ Star Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘I’m Scared Every Day’ to ‘Live in America’

Ryan Green - Universal Pictures
Ryan Green - Universal Pictures

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis joked during the Toronto International Film Festival that she is “scared every day” because she lives in the United States under President Donald Trump.

USA Today reports that during a question and answer session, an audience member asked Jamie Lee Curtis if she gets scared.

“You know, life’s a little scary. I live in America,” she replied. “This (expletive’s) getting real, so I’m scared every day.”

Curtis starred as Laurie Strode in the original 1978 Halloween and will play the same character in this year’s reboot, which will hit theaters next month.

Curtis has been an outspoken progressive for years. She endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, saying that she “played my woman’s card.”

The 59-year-old actress also appeared in a pro-Hillary Clinton video produced by Lena Dunham, saying, “I want my president of the United States to make decisions on my behalf — based on her experience, her command, her intelligence, and from her big, warm, embracing, feminine heart.”

Curtis has also expressed her support for President Obama’s executive amnesty. In 2015, she said she “really [respected]” Obama for his executive orders establishing DACA and DAPA.

Obama has taken a stand all by himself. He’s got nobody around him,” Curtis said. “He basically said ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I need your help. Like we have to do something about this and you don’t want to do it so I am going to do it.’ And I really respect him for that.”


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