Bill Burr: ‘It Doesn’t Look Like Anybody Is Going’ to Beat Trump

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 28: Bill Burr performs onstage at Comedy Central Night Of Too Many Stars at Beacon Theatre on February 28, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Comedy Central)
Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Comedian Bill Burr says he doesn’t think there’s anyone who will be able to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020, despite his desire to see a “good fight” in the upcoming presidential election.

Appearing on The Daily Beast podcast The Last Laugh following the release of his Netflix special Paper Tiger, Burr shared his opinions on everything from Trump’s chances of re-election to his disdain for outrage culture and politician correctness.

“What blew me away watching Trump do what he did, the things that he said in the past would take down somebody’s campaign,” Burr said, praising Trump’s staggering ability to withstand controversies that would end any conventional presidential campaign.

“Or you thought it would if you said those things and the media would be all over him and that would be it. It’s kind of blown me away that in four years, it doesn’t look like anybody is going to [be able to beat Trump]. It’s like a pay-per-view fight, I want to see a good fight here. I don’t want to see Tyson-McNeeley.”

On the question of outrage culture, Burr argued that it is fueled by the media’s desperation to create controversy over issues that people don’t really care about it.

“Outrage culture is one of the most misrepresented things out there, how they will make such a small percentage of people seem like they’re three million people.,” he explained. “And it’s not even necessarily because they believe in their cause, it’s just that where the money’s at is eyeballs and controversy and people arguing and being offended and watching somebody get in trouble makes people stop on your website or your TV channel and watch.”

He continued:

But it’s just not an accurate portrayal of where people’s heads are at. It just isn’t. It feels like Chicken Little. You go on stage and some nights you’re going to do a bit and you go, should I say this? And it’s like, what is going to happen? It’s just a joke. And 99 percent of the people there—100 percent most nights—realize they went to a comedy club and everything you’re saying [is a joke]. You’re not watching legislation being written, it’s not going to change anything, it’s just somebody screwing around.

As argued by Breitbart media critic John Nolte, Burr’s latest special was another victory for free speech as he explored topics including “male feminists, white women, cultural appropriation, the #MeToo movement, Steven Hawking, woke Hollywood, the cancel culture, and even Michelle Obama.”

“[Burr is] truly funny, and the laughs are not a by-product of agreement,” he noted. “Burr isn’t Stephen Colbert. He’s not looking for YOU-GO-GIRL-APPLAUSE. This isn’t about affirmation, it’s about TRUTH, and the truth is always funny, which is why I laughed at Burr’s handful of Trump jokes and found his blistering attack on some of Colin Kaepernick’s critics hilarious.”

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