Watch: Michael Moore Downplays Bernie Sanders Heart Attack — ‘Talk About the Health of This Planet That’s Dying’

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore dismissed mounting concerns surrounding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) health and age during a “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York City on Saturday, declaring that he is “glad” that Sanders is 78 years old and arguing that he would rather “talk about the health of this planet that’s dying” than Sanders’ heart attack.

The Sicko director dismissed concerns over Sanders’ age — he would be the oldest president to take office if elected — and argued that he is “glad” that Sanders is 78-years-old.

“I’m glad he’s 78, and we will benefit for his wisdom and his experience and his knowledge and his love for the American people,” Moore said. “It’s actually a gift that we have a 78-year-old American running for President of the United States. You know why that’s a gift?”

“What has a 78 year old seen? Bernie has seen many of the things we’ve never seen,” the filmmaker said, naming pay raises, pensions, and the defeat of fascism and white supremacy.

The Oscar-winner also added that it is the Electoral College — not Sanders — that is old and outdated.

From there, Michael Moore pivoted to Sanders’ heart attack and dismissed all concerns related to the socialist senator’s health.

“Next thing they say,” Moore began — “they” being those who tout “false” narratives” about Sanders — “is what about his health?”

“How about we talk about the health of this planet that’s dying. That’s the health I care about,” Moore said before joining the crowd in chanting, “Green New Deal!”

“What about the health of the kids in Flint, Michigan,” Moore continued. “What about their health? Talk about that on cable news. What about the health of 40 million people who live in poverty?”

“The only heart attack we should be talking about is the one Wall Street is going to have when Bernie Sanders is President of the United States,” he said.


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