Horror Movie Star Charged with Murder Day After Film Wraps

Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Actress Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, who just wrapped filming for a horror movie has been charged with murdering her uncle.

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, 30, won the lead role in the upcoming Indie horror film, From the Dark, under the screen name of Wyn Reed. But her film career may end up stalled after her arrest and trial for the murder of her uncle, who turned up dead in 2016.

Producers of the film say they had no idea that Moore-Reed was under suspicion of murdering her uncle when they cast her in the role of Valarie Faust.

Siskiyou Productions also notes that they are considering just how to distribute their film since its star has been accused of a real-life murder.

“We had absolutely no idea about who she was or her circumstances,” the film company says on its IndieGoGo page. “Please, do forgive us. We are trying our best to make a release of this film happen, but we don’t want to hurt anyone in the process.”

Making matters more troublesome for the producers of the film, Moore-Reed kills another character in the movie in a similar manner to what she is being accused of.

While Moore-Reed was filming the movie, prosecutors were building a case built around cellphone footage reportedly made by the budding actress showing her killing her uncle, Shane Moore, 63.

According to prosecutors, Moore-Reed is seen and heard on the video screaming in a rage that her uncle had arrived at her home and gunshots soon ring out. The actress had taken out a restraining order against her uncle some months before, and she and her mother were embroiled in a property dispute with Shane Moore.

The video also shows Moore-Reed’s mother, Kelly, telling the actress that her uncle was shot but still alive. “He’s not dead?” the actress asks before yelling, “F*ck!”

Shane Moore soon died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif said that the cellphone footage of the crime revealed a callous woman.

“It was almost like she was angry that he wasn’t dead,” Greif said of the suspect’s reaction to the video. “To me, that kind of nailed down the evidence for me.”

Lawyers for the actress say that Moore-Reed was terrified of her uncle because he had beaten her in the past, which is the reason she had taken a restraining order out against the man.

Moore-Reed is being held in Oregon’s Jackson County Jail without bail and will appear in court next month.

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