Nolte: Taylor Swift Music Video Whines That She’d Be Better Off as a Man


America’s leading crybaby, the eternally shallow and spoiled Taylor Swift, just released a video whining about how she’d be better off as a man.

The song is titled “The Man” and the woman, who’s *ahem* been a millionaire since she was a teenager (primarily due to songs lashing out at ex-boyfriends), apparently believes she’d be what… a bigger star? Wealthier? Win more awards, if she were a guy?

No, she wants the right to be a bigger jerk than she already is.

Here are some of the lyrics…

What’s it like to brag about raking in dollars
And getting bitches and models?
And it’s all good if you’re bad
And it’s okay if you’re mad
If I was out flashing my dollars
I’d be a bitch, not a baller
They’d paint me out to be bad
So, it’s okay that I’m mad

I’m so sick of running as fast as I can
Wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man
And I’m so sick of them coming at me again
‘Cause if I was a man
Then I’d be the man

You’ve come a long way, baby…

In the video — an exercise in puddle-deep wokeness seeking peanut gallery cheers over meaning — our poor, put upon, oppressed, powerless princess Taylor (who wrote and directed and stars) becomes Tyler, a bro-type who — gasp! — appears to work hard, play hard, enjoy money and beautiful women… But he is also a man-spreader on the subway — which remains one of history’s great, all-time, anti-science, female whines.

Dear Ladies: We’re not spreading out due to a sense of entitlement. It’s called anatomy. Believe it or not, we’re built a little different than you and we don’t want to crush The Boys. It hurts. Fer real.

But if you look at the video, if you look at her message, Taylor Swift is pouting because she believes that if she were a guy, she could be more obnoxious than she already is.

The message here is quite revealing. Swift is not searching for a path to something mature and noble, for something that matters, something good that would be more available to her if she were a guy. No, she’s angry that guys get to be bigger jerks than she does, that guys are allowed to be dicks and have temper tantrums. Swift is saying, No fair! I wanna be a guy so I can be more obnoxious, loud, inconsiderate, spoiled, and self-centered!!

Taylor Swift should thank her lucky stars she’s a gal. A guy could never become a superstar whining about ex-girlfriends; he’d be laughed off the planet. A guy could also never get away with a lazy video like “The Man.” Good grief, if he were to attack the female gender with a bunch of stereotypes, he’d be blacklisted and canceled before the day was out.

But our poor, little rich girl will only be met with SLAYYYY KWEEEEENNNN, thanks to the female privilege that helped to make her who she is — which is someone increasingly insulated, humorless, and insufferable.

Don’t worry, Taylor… Men will still fight all the wars and do all the dirty and dangerous jobs that keep your velvet world safe, clean, and air conditioned… You know, that part of “equality” you entitled she-babies want no part of. Y’all want to be lawyers and movie directors, sure. But coal miners? Sewer workers? Commercial fishing? Climb a telephone pole? No thanks. That really is a man’s job.

No biggie. We don’t need or seek your thanks.

We’re men.

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