Rosanna Arquette Warns Arctic Drilling Will Cause Insurmountable Destruction to Human Beings and Wildlife

Rosanna Arquette in "Roadies."

Actress and apparent environmental expert Rosanna Arquette claims that President Donald Trump’s administration will cause “insurmountable” destruction to human beings and wildlife.

“During this pandemic the trump administration has signed off to drill for oil in the Arctic sacred refuge,” Arquette said on Thursday in a tweet that accompanied a photo of polar bear. “The evil and the destruction this will cause human beings and wildlife is insurmountable.”

What prompted the Pulp Fiction actor’s rant? Well, it may have been the Interior Department’s recent decision to move forward with the ConocoPhillips’ Willow project which the Trump administration says could produce some 590 million barrels of oil over the next 30 years.

But Thursday was not the first time Arquette has fired off an unhinged rant about mass death and despair. In March, the Deceiver actress proclaimed that deaths in the United States from the Chinese coronavirus could have been avoided if the nation had a “real leader who cared about the American people.” Arquette also said the “deaths of innocent people” will be the legacy of the Republican Party.

Hell, Rosanna Arquette says she’s disgusted with her own skin color. Last year, the Born Guilty actress apologized for being born white and said that she’s ashamed of the “privilege” that she believes her skin color brings her.

“I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame,” said the Poison actress in 2019.

And when Arquette is not focusing on her own skin color, she is busy accusing other people of focusing on skin color. In 2019, after two separate mass shootings, the actress declared that President Trump “incites racist violence.”

“The president of the United States of America incites racist violence. The end,” the White Lies actress said.

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