Jennifer Aniston: ‘Wear a Damn Mask’ Because My Friend Was on a Ventilator


Actress Jennifer Aniston shared a photo of her friend lying in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of his mouth and demanded that you “wear a damn mask.”

“This is our friend Kevin. Perfectly healthy, not one underlying health issue. This is Covid. This is real,” Aniston said in a message to her 34 million Instagram followers. “We can’t be so naive to think we can outrun thisif we want this to end, and we do, right? The one step we can take is PLEASE #wearadamnmask.”

Aniston shared two photos. One of a man, called Kevin, in a hospital bed attached to a ventilator. The second photo was a selfie of Aniston and her Friends co-star Courteney Cox wearing matching masks. “Just think about those who’ve already suffered through this horrible virus,” said Aniston. “Do it for your family. And most of all yourself. Covid affects all ages.”

The actress added that Kevin has since recovered from the Chinese coronavirus.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, has stated that there is “little evidence supports the use of face masks by well persons in community settings,” adding that “some trials conducted during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic found that early combined use of face masks and other NPIs (such as hand hygiene) might be effective.”

Moreover, masks can become a pathogen-filled hazard if people do not clean or wear them properly.

Of course, Jennifer Aniston is not the only celebrity lecturing the public about wearing masks. Actor Matthew McConaughey made similar remarks on the Fourth of July, suggesting that in order to see next year, everyone needs to “wear the damn mask.”

And then there’s actor Tom Hanks, who proclaimed that anyone who refuses to wear a mask is a “pussy,” adding, “shame on you” to anyone who doesn’t cover up. “Those things are so simple, so easy, if anybody cannot find it in themselves to practice those three very basic things — I just think shame on you,” said Hanks. “Don’t be a pussy, get on with it, do your part.”

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called anyone who views mask-wearing a political issue “an absolute moron who can’t read.”

“This is 100% the right move,” insisted Schwarzenegger. “The science is unanimous — if we all wear masks, we slow down the spread and can reopen safely. It’s not a political issue. Anyone making it a political issue is an absolute moron who can’t read.”

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