John Cusack: ‘Do We Need to See Massacres Torture & Mutilated Corpses to Act?’

John Cusack in War, Inc. (2008)
New Crime Productions

Left-wing actor John Cusack unleashed a rant on Tuesday accusing President Donald Trump of “gassing mothers” and “burning cities.” Cusack also asked if there needed to “massacres torture & mutilated corpses” before action is needed.

The High Fidelity star has been wandering the riot zones in Portland for at least a week taking video of the rioters and the police response and then jumping to Twitter to rant about it all. And lately, John Cusack has been screaming about the federal agents President Trump has sent to the city to help quell the more than two months of rioting that local officials have been powerless to stop.

On Tuesday, Cusack appeared to suggest violence from the left as a response to what he sees in his fever dreams.

“Trump & criminal thug barr with mc connel & the many deathkkult apparatchiks deep in their death spiral endgame,” the actor wrote, “Secret police burning cities – gassing mothers, Shooting protestors in face, Billy clubbing vets. Do we need to see massacres torture & mutilated corpses to act?”

Despite the crazed accusations, nothing like what Cusack ranted about has even remotely occurred. No rioters have been beaten or killed by the federal officers the president sent to Portland. Indeed, the only burning of cities has been perpetrated by the “protesters.”

Tuesday’s wild accusations come on the heels of a series of tweets on Monday where the 2012 actor fulminated about the federal officers sent to Portland by the president.

Cusack disgorged a long list of accusations, including that Trump was “illegally holding power.”

In another tweet, Cusack demanded that CNN and MSNBC force Joe Biden to say that if he becomes president, he will prosecute and jail U.S. Attorney General William Barr and other Trump administration members.

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