Comedian Katt Williams Slams Trump, Urges White People to Support Black Lives Matter in Supreme Clothing Ad


Comedian Katt Williams slammed President Donald Trump, and urged white people to support the Marxist political organization Black Lives Matter, and made a plea for people to vote in an online ad for the Supreme clothing brand.

“White people, if you’re scared about Negros, I’d like to remind you of something. That anger and that rage that you think will one day be unleashed upon white families — you been waiting on it for 400 years,” Katt Williams says in politically charged, the six-minute spot. “We’re better people than that,” the Scary Movie actor said, adding that black people “want to do better” and “are doing better,” and that white people are free to join them in that endeavor.

“Not only can we do better, we want to do better, and we are doing better. And you’re free to join us,” Williams said.

Watch below:

“Right now, we have a perfectly suitable clown running the free world,” Williams said of President Trump. “We got a guy whose advice included things that no decent crackhead would tell you to do with a gunshot wound.”

“The man said if you have bleach, rub it on yourself. Sprinkle some in your eye. You see any UV light, walk in front of it,” Williams said, despite the fact that president had never made these suggestions.

Katt Williams went on to say that during these “serious times,” somebody needs to “say something that makes sense.”


Williams implored his viewers to say out loud “Black Lives Matter” out loud — whether they’re alone in their homes or around others. “Black lives matter, period. You can say it, you at home. Say it. Wherever you are, no matter who’s around, just say it. Say it because it’s a fact.”

Williams then urged everyone to wear a face mask, before bringing up the death of George Floyd, which he referred to as “televised murder.”

“It’s an airborne virus, folks,” said Williams. “If you breathe air, put on a mask. And because we can all agree that breathing is important, we can all agree that you putting your knee on a man’s neck for eight minutes is just murder. Just televised murder.”

“For twenty years I told you the police is out there hurting people, and y’all didn’t wanna believe me,” he added. “And the whole time I was just glad I made it out alive. And finally, the chickens have come to roost. We are going to get rid of racism this time, once and for all, no matter what has to happen.”

Williams concluded by bringing up Black Lives Matter once again, urging white people to support the political organization.

“Thank you all. Have a good day. Be kind to your neighbors,” he said. “If you see a sign that says ‘Black Lives Matter,’ say aloud, white friends: ‘Hmm, sure do.’ Watch how quickly things start to change in the country.”

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