Hollywood’s Latest Get Out the Vote Effort: Dressing Up as Chickens

YouTube/The Creative Coalition
YouTube/The Creative Coalition

Hollywood celebrities, including actors Jason Alexander, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jon Cryer, Mayim Bialik, Richard Kind, Tim Daly, Dascha Polanco, and Patina Miller, dress up in chicken costumes for a bizarre new get out the vote public service announcement ahead of the presidential election.

“So, how’s everybody doing,” asks Alexander at the beginning of the two-minute video, where the celebrities — all of whom are wearing yellow chicken costumes — appear to be having a video call with one another. “Handling it, or starting to feel…”

“Please don’t,” Bialik interrupts.

“Cooped up,” continues Alexander.

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The conversation then segues into whom everyone is voting for, and the claim that “a fox is running for president of the hen house.”

“I mean, I hear the fox when he says that if he’s elected he’ll eat a few of us, but the lines are so long, and it’s going to take a whole afternoon,” said Cryer’s character of his reluctance to vote in the upcoming election.

At some point in the video, Kind’s character proclaims, ‘Oh, I gotta go on mute, I gotta lay an egg.”

While the video does not directly call out President Donald Trump or 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden by name, Alexander goes on to mention that “one vote could make the difference between a chicken or a fox guarding our hen house.”

“How can one vote make a difference?” inquires actress Miller.

“Well, if it comes down to a handful of votes, yours could be the one that swings it,” responds Alexander.

“Who, that was rough, what’d I miss?” interjects Kind, seemingly having returned from laying an egg.

“Apparently if you don’t vote, a fox could eat you,” answers Bialik.

The actors then state in unison, “everybody please vote.”

“Even though he may eat me, the fox is who I’d rather have a beer with,” quips Kind at the end of the video.

Members of Hollywood are no strangers to bizarre Get Out The Vote campaigns.

The cast of HBO’s media mogul drama Succession recently reunited for an profanity-filled public service announcement about how to vote, in which the show’s star Brian Cox proclaims “Fuck off, I’m fucking serious, so go on, fuck off, and fucking vote.”

Many of the celebrities attempting to get out the vote ahead of the November election have also been advising viewers to specifically vote by mail.

A slew of celebrities, including pop star Jennifer Lopez, and even ONE Musicfest, — one of the largest music festivals in America — have also teamed up with Michelle Obama to promote her “When We All Vote” initiative, which encourages people to vote by mail just as voters around the country report having their mail-in ballots stolen from their mailboxes and tens of thousands voters are receiving incorrect ballots from their local election officials.

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