‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Production Halts After Fully Vaccinated Host Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

There will be no episode of Real Time with Bill Maher this week after the HBO host tested positive for COVID-19, forcing his isolation, the Warnermedia-owned network said Friday.

Deadline reports Bill Maher, who is vaccinated and asymptomatic, tested positive as part of the premium cable network’s weekly PCR testing regimen on the show. An HBO spokeswoman told Deadline:

The Friday, May 14th taping of Real Time with Bill Maher has been cancelled. Bill tested positive during weekly staff PCR testing for COVID. He is fully vaccinated and as a result is asymptomatic and feels fine. Real Time production has taken every precaution following COVID CDC guidelines. No other staff or crew members have tested positive at this time.

The show will be rescheduled at a later date.

Maher used social media to apologize to fans for breaking his streak, going back to 1993, of never missing an episode of Politically Incorrect or Real Time.

Real Time with Bill Maher, now in its 19th season on HBO, was the first major show to bring back a small live audience last September after a coronavirus shutdown.

A number of episodes were filmed in Maher’s backyard before a return to the studio was made.

As Breitbart News reported, Maher has previously admonished the “constant gloom and gloom” about coronavirus as “counterproductive,” because people think “what’s the point of even trying, if we’re always going to be living with it?”

Maher said back in February, “Can we be a little happy about where we are now COVID-wise as opposed to where –? I mean, it’s like they really don’t want you — I think it’s counterproductive, I really do, the constant gloom and gloom.”

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