Dave Chappelle Rips Democrat-Controlled San Francisco in Standup Set: ‘Y’all N*ggas Need a Batman!’

Dave Chappelle addresses guests during a screening for "Dave Chappelle Live in Real Life"
Don Arnold/Getty Images for Pilot Boy

Comedian Dave Chappelle took a blowtorch to the lawless, Democrat-controlled city of San Francisco during a surprise standup set in the Bay City this past weekend.

A review from SF Gate recapped several jokes from the performances, where Chappelle “focused on the city’s homelessness problems” and said, “What the fuck happened to this place?”

Chappelle reportedly told a story about “eating at an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin a few nights earlier, only to have someone defecate in front of the restaurant as he was walking in.”

Chappelle said that the city had become “half Glee, half zombie movie.”

“Y’all n***as need a Batman!” he exclaimed.

Chappelle’s San Francisco shows often come with a little audience involvement, and people reportedly asked him about the “incident of a business owner hosing down a homeless person.”

Dan Gentile of SF Gate was critical of the beloved comic, describing him as a “transphobe” and accusing him of using “dog whistles” — that is, he didn’t say anything directly about transgenderism in this set, but he was somehow subliminally attacking transgender people.

“Chappelle didn’t go deep into his TERF beliefs Thursday; instead, he settled for a barrage of transphobic dog whistles. For those following his career closely, they drowned out everything else, but what was crystal clear was his disdain for present-day San Francisco,” wrote Gentile.

“If you follow comedy or pop culture news, you know Chappelle has said plenty of irresponsible and dangerous things. Like Musk, Joe Rogan and Kanye West, he has insulated himself from criticism with a combination of incredible talent and incredible wealth,” the author continued.

Indeed, Chappelle has positioned himself as one of radical transgenderism’s chief critics alongside author J.K. Rowling. During his famous series of Netflix standup specials, Chappelle described himself as being on “Team TERF.”

“Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. This is a fact,” he said.

In response to being labeled a “transphobe,” Chappelle shot back and equated such names to racial slurs like the N-word.

“These were grown people of various genders and gender identities,” he said. “They threw eggs. They threw eggs at the [fans] who were lined up to see the show… They was doing all that shit. Throwing eggs and they had this rallying cry: they go, ‘Go home, transphobe.’ They kept saying that: ‘Go home, transphobe,’ and ‘fuck you, transphobe.’ It was really confusing, but if you replace the word ‘transphobe’ for ‘n–r‘ it makes perfect sense.”

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