Actor-Comedian Jon Lovitz Blasts ‘Dangerous Liar’ Rashida Tlaib for Pushing Hamas Propaganda

Stefanie Keenan; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Stefanie Keenan; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Actor, comedian, and former cast member of Saturday Night Live Jon Lovitz lashed out at Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib for spreading Hamas propaganda and her refusal to admit that Israel did not bomb a Gaza hospital.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Rep. jumped to her X account to praise the protesters who illegally entered the Cannon House Office Building and protested in favor of the Hamas terrorists. Specifically, Tlaib thanked the Jewish people who joined the protest.

But Tlaib’s praise of self-hating Jews brought Lovitz to blast Tlaib and her supporters, especially where it comes to Tlaib’s refusal to admit she lied about the bombing of the hospital in Gaza, which evidence shows was not an act committed by the Israel Defense Force.

“Yes. Thank you for asking Israel to open its borders so Hamas can pour in & kill them,” Lovitz snarked.

Lovitz added, “Rep Talib, why not admit Israel DID NOT DROP THE BOMB on the hospital. You want to co-exist w/ Israel? How about denouncing Hamas & getting a government in power who wants that too!”

In a previous post, Lovitz excoriated Tlaib for lying about the hospital bombing which has no been proven false. Not only did Israel not bomb the hospital, the hospital is still standing because it was never leveled in the first place.

“FALSE!!!!!!!!!!” Lovitz said of Tlaib’s post blaming Israel for a bombing that never happened. “No, they didn’t. You have made a mistake. Are you going to tweet about it? Or just leave this false tweet up on your page, for propaganda?”

In another post, Lovitz slammed Tlaib as “dangerous” for pushing lies after someone scolded him for “ignoring” the voices of Jews who also protested in favor of Palestinian rights.

“Good point. They’re morons as well. This war is about Hamas, not Palestinians and their rights. And Hamas would gladly kill all the Jewish people that protested in the Rotunda. Protesting about a bomb Israel didn’t drop!” he replied.

Lovitz also noted that he is not in favor of killing Palestinians just to kill Palestinians.

“I, like Israel, don’t wish death on any civilian Palestinians. It’s awful!” he wrote on X.

“Unfortunately, Hamas lives in Gaza, slaughtered over 1300 Israeli civilians, kidnapped & 150, in order to start a war w/ Israel! This is war!!! On Hamas!! If you don’t want war, don’t start one!”

Lovitz also posted a video showing members of Hamas telling their followers that they want all Jews dead, and captioned his post, “In case you have doubts about Hamas wanting to kill all Jews in the world, watch this.”

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