Actress Mia Farrow, Democrat Josh Shapiro Parrot Identical Talking Points: Trump ‘Trash-Talking America’

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 28: Mia Farrow attends WE Day on day 6 of the Invictus Games Toron
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That distinct echo you’re hearing is the sound of new Democrat talking points dropping and being dutifully repeated by party loyalists.

Actress Mia Farrow and Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) recently expressed nearly identical points in their separate public attacks on former President Donald Trump. Among the commonalities were: Trump is “whining”; “we have the strongest economy in the world”; and “we are beating China.”

Mia Farrow enumerated the points in an X post on Monday.

“Trump should quit whining. Its dumb and obnoxious and a lie. And trash talking America is offensive,” the actress wrote.

“We have a great country. And its getting better all the time. We have the strongest economy in the world. We are producing more energy than any other country. Economically we are beating China big time. We have been recovering from the global recession faster than anywhere else. We have the greatest military in the world. More Americans are working than ever before. God bless America.”

Her post sounded virtually identical to Shapiro when he appeared Monday on MSNBC’s Inside show.

“All they [voters] hear from Donald Trump is a whole bunch of whining about this country,” he said.

“And I think Donald Trump’s got to quit whining, go to quit trying to divide us. I mean, consider this, Jen. We’re producing more energy than anyone before in this nation. We have the strongest economy in the world and we are beating China for the first time in decades. More people went to work this morning in America than any other time in our nation’s history.”

It remains unclear what Farrow and Shapiro meant when they said “we are beating China.”

Due to Biden’s submissive approach to China, the CCP has expanded its sphere of influence throughout the world, especially in Africa and South America.

China is also gaining momentum in its push to see the yuan replace the dollar as the global reserve currency.

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