Bill Burr at UC Berkeley: ‘I F**king Hate Liberals’

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 18: Comedian Bill Burr performs at The Ice House Comedy Cl
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Comedian Bill Burr reportedly told his audience at UC Berkeley, “I fucking hate liberals,” and called out the hypocrisy of left-wingers while on stage during his comedy show on Saturday.

Burr, who joked about verbally abusing his wife, the Israel-Hamas war, transgenderism, and President Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive decline, also called out liberals — specifically white liberals — during his show, according to a report by San Francisco Chronicle.

“I fucking hate liberals,” Burr said.

The King of Staten Island star went on to joke about how white liberals will put Black Lives Matter signs on their windows, but never actually do anything beyond that.

“That’s like if I told you my great grandmother in Germany had a ‘Knock it off, Nazis’ sign,” Burr said.

The comedian, however, did not appear to explain what exactly a white liberal would need to do in order to tackle “white supremacy” in the United States after he made the reference to Nazis.

Burr did, however, go on to warn his audience against people who label themselves “empaths,” which can also be referred to as someone who virtue signals.

“If you run into a white person who says they’re an empath, run the other way,” Burr said, explaining that white, self-proclaimed empaths are the type of people who “like making other peoples’ suffering about [themselves].”

The Old Dads actor also reportedly noted that his UC Berkeley audience was quick to laugh at his joke about Biden having dementia.

This is not the first time Burr has publicly lambasted liberals.

Last year, he told Jimmy Kimmel that anti-Trump “idiot liberals” were making a martyr out of former President Trump by indicting him, which is going to cause the 45th president to “come back.”

“Liberals are so fucking stupid, the way that they handle Trump,” Burr said, before telling Kimmel, “You should shut up” about Trump.

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