Nolte: Woke ‘Acolyte’ Crushed with Lowest Audience Score of All ‘Star Wars’ Series

The Acolyte

The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s latest piece of Star Wars gay fanfic is a streaming series called The Acolyte, and Normal People hate it more than any other Star Wars streaming series on Disney+.

Critics, however, are head over heels for the “gayest Star Wars yet.”

We are used to fairly wide discrepancies between what the critics at Rotten Tomatoes enjoy and what Normal People enjoy, but The Acolyte’s discrepancy is a whopper.

An incredible 90 percent of critics awarded the Disney+ streaming series a fresh rating. That’s 78 positive reviews out of 96.

Back in the real world, the average audience score sits at a pathetic 26 percent.

This is also the lowest audience score — by a wide margin —for any live-action Star Wars streaming series yet.

Hell, this is, by far, the lowest audience score for every Disney+ Star Wars streaming series, including the animated junk:

Based on what I’ve read, The Acolyte is a Star Wars prequel starring a tiny girlboss with a Rick James wig girlbossing and some lesbian witches. This series is set so far in the past, it’s a past-past where fire can exist in the airless vacuum of space.

This is how much Lucasfilm Chief Harridan Kathleen Kennedy hates Star Wars and most especially Star Wars fans.

We are nine years into Disney and Kennedy’s Star Wars reboot, and these sex and identity-obsessed fascists refuse to give the fans what they want, which is a straightforward epic adventure and grand piece of escapism.

And now you know why I am pro-artificial intelligence. AI could be the final nail in the coffin of a Hollywood that has turned into a full-fledged hate factory aimed at insulting Normal People while queering their kids and taking their money. Once AI obliterates the bottleneck between storytelling and creation — the bottleneck being production costs —the movie and television industry will look like the music industry, which has been shattered into a million different pieces.

It costs practically nothing nowadays to produce and distribute music, which is why a music industry that was once lousy with superstars has only Taylor Swift and Beyoncé today. Below them are thousands and thousands of everyday people producing and selling music from a ridiculously affordable home studio.

AI will eventually do the same for visual storytellers. I can picture a movie and television future with only two superstars — Christopher Nolan and Dick Wolf, and thousands and thousands of everyday people producing and distributing their own AI-created movies and TV shows from a ridiculously affordable home studio.

It’s not just music. Think of all the self-published books out there.

In their smug arrogance, Woke Hollywood is creating a vacuum — entertainment for Normal People — at the worst possible time. And I love it.

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