PODCAST – Delingpole and Young: 'The Fox Hunters'

PODCAST – Delingpole and Young: 'The Fox Hunters'

Should Twelve Years A Slave win this year’s Best Picture at the Oscars?

No, of course, it shouldn’t. It is, as my friend Toby Young rightly says, “Torture porn for Guardian readers.” 

A far better candidate for Best Picture is… well you’ll just have to listen to my latest Radio Free Delingpole podcast to find out.


As regular listeners have come to our expect, our conversation covers all the important issues of the day, like: How cool it is that I’m now Executive Editor of Breitbart London; Toby’s California memories of hanging out with Andrew Breitbart; whether UKIP is losing the plot; and, the appallingness of the wigs in Rush, plus a truly terrible joke about the movie’s title…

All on Radio Free Delingpole, now. All totally free.