Russian Statement on Ukraine Paves Way for Intervention

Russian Statement on Ukraine Paves Way for Intervention

A new statement from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will raise fears of a military intervention after accusing the Ukrainian parliament of oppression, dictatorship, and even “terrorism”.

The statement, released very recently, claims that the Russian government is “extremely concerned about the development of the situation in Ukraine” and charges Western powers with being more interested in their “unilateral geopolitical considerations” that the Ukranian people.

The letter, which was posted to the Foreign Ministry’s website, as well as Russia’s embassies around the world, states: 

“We are deeply concerned about the actions in the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada in terms of their legitimacy. Actually referring to the “revolutionary appropriateness” only, they are stamping “decisions” and “laws”, including those aimed at deprivation of humanitarian rights of Russians and other national minorities living in Ukraine.

“There are calls to prohibition the Russian language almost fully, lustration, liquidation of parties and organisations, closing of undesirable mass media, removal of restrictions for propaganda of Nao-Nazi ideology.

“The course is to suppress those, who do not agree to this, in different Ukrainian regions by dictatorship and even terrorist methods.”

The Russian statement also makes mention of the toppling and desceration of statues of what it calls “Soviet warriors”. Its states: “National radicals continue to scoff at monuments in different Ukrainian cities, while like-minded persons in some European countries besmear memorials to Soviet warriors.”

The statement will raise concerns that Russia is seeking to create a context for intervention, with military action still being considered by Moscow.