Tories See Off EU Caravan Threat

Tories See Off EU Caravan Threat

Eurocrats have been thwarted in their plans to greatly increase the MOT inspection routine on caravans. The move would have led to greater costs for owners, and more roadside tests for commercial vehicles.

Conservatives led by Jacquie Foster MEP managed to renegotiate the package, taking out the most onerous parts. The new proposals were overwhelmingly supported today by MEPs in Strasbourg, against the wishes of the European Commission.

In a statement Conservatives claim the new system will “protect the interests of Britain’s three millions caravan enthusiasts and avoid a complete redrawing of the UK’s MOT scheme”

Earlier drafts of the legislation included proposals effectively banning some repair garages from conducting MOT tests and would have left caravans and light trailers (under 3.5 tons) subject to “unnecessary” testing.

Jacquie Foster said:  “All our key negotiating objectives were achieved. Our Conservative led Government back in London was very keen to see off these extreme proposals and I am delighted that together, we have succeeded.

“The alternative would have been classic Commission overkill: Over-burdensome, too prescriptive, and too costly.

“Fortunately, Conservatives have put some common sense into the equation. Now caravanners can continue to enjoy their leisure time without unnecessary interference from Brussels, and small garage-owners have seen a real threat to their livelihoods removed.”