Italian MP Claimed Sex Toys on Expenses

Italian MP Claimed Sex Toys on Expenses

A female politician in the Italian region of South Tyrol is accused of using taxpayers’ money to pay for various sex toys. Ulli Mair, a member of the appropriately named Freedom Party allegedly spent €64.92 on the items and tried to claim them as legitimate expenses.

She has said they were bought as a joke present for a friend, and colleagues say that she claimed for them by mistake.

The local Alto Adige paper reports that Ms Mair purchased the items, including a vibrator and two other toys, in the city of Bolzano, capital of the German-speaking South Tyrol region.

The region, originally part of Austria, was ceded to Italy at the end of the First World War but maintains a strongly Germanic character, with the majority of the population speaking an Austro-Bavarian dialect of German.

The region stereotypically looks down on the rest of Italy, which locals regard as being a hotbed of corruption.