Scottish Woman Seeks Damages for Seagull Attack

Scottish Woman Seeks Damages for Seagull Attack

EDINBURGH, Scotland, March 12 (UPI) –A woman is seeking damages for an attack by a seagull, blaming the owner of the building where she works near Glasgow, Scotland.

Cathie Kelly, 59, described the assault Tuesday in testimony at the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh, the Herald Scotland reported.

“It was screaming at me. I was terrified. I thought it was going for my face,” she said.

“I couldn’t look up to see it because it was right over my head and I really thought it was going to hurt me. I was shouting but it would not go away.”

Kelly, a Glasgow resident, works in a former elementary school in Greenock that has been converted to office space, the Ladyburn Business Center. She said measures to control nesting gulls had been in place but had stopped by the time she was injured last June.

A landfill in the neighborhood has lured gulls to the area and Kelly said they nest on the Victorian building’s roof.

She said that her injuries left her unable to sleep lying down for days after the attack. She had pain in her hip and back and was unable to sit at her computer for long periods.

Ann Walsh, who works in the same building, described carrying an umbrella to shield herself from gulls on her way in and out.