Poll: Labour Lead Now Shrinks to Within Margin of Error

Poll: Labour Lead Now Shrinks to Within Margin of Error

Labour’s poll lead has shrunk to just 2 points, or within the margin of error, in today’s YouGov daily poll.

Ed Miliband’s party has declined in popularity with the electorate over recent months, and today’s poll will further cause concern that with Ed at the helm, the Labour Party is simply not resonating with Britons.

The Latest YouGov/Sun results put the Conservatives at 35 percent, Labour at 37 percent, the Liberal Democrats on 9 percent, and UKIP on 13 percent.

The Labour lead is likely to have shrunk because of scepticism about Miliband’s intentions on Europe. This week he ruled out a referendum on EU membership, a move that 42 percent of voters judged “cowardly”. Just 23% believed his move proved he was “brave”.

Labour’s European policy now stands in stark contrast to the Conservatives, who are pledging an In/Out referendum after the next election. Conservative backbencher James Wharton MP, who put forward a Private Member’s Bill to hold a referendum, agreed that Miliband had been “weak” on Europe.

Mr Wharton said: “After Labour’s announcement the only thing that is clear is that they do not want to give people a say. Ed Miliband clearly does not believe we should have a referendum, but because of the divisions in his own party he has qualified that position with a range of ifs, buts and maybes, which will fool no one.

“He would have been better being honest and admitting he will not allow a referendum to take place if there is a Labour government. Now he’s left looking shifty and weak.”

The poll also reveals that 19 percent of people say they are “unaware of significant cuts to services” in their local areas, up from 17 percent last month. Forty-three percent of people hold central government to account for local funding cuts, while 29 percent say their local authorities are responsible.

The full poll results can be found here.