VIDEO: UK Islamists Rally for Shariah Britain

VIDEO: UK Islamists Rally for Shariah Britain

Convicted terrorists, extremist preachers and dozens of other Islamist activists rallied in East London on Saturday, in a sure sign that the newly founded ‘Need4Khilafah’ group is becoming increasingly emboldened in its anti-Western agitation efforts in the UK.

A video released by the group (below) shows their rally, led by Islamist preacher Abu Izzadeen, in Green Street in East London. Breitbart London reported yesterday that the group clashed with former BNP members from the ‘Britain First’ organisation.

But Need4Khilafah’s video brings new information about the rally to light. The footage features notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who smiles smugly as Izzadeen whips up the crowd into an anti-Western frenzy. Abdul Muhid, another convicted terrorist, also features heavily.

Izzadeen, who was released from prison in 2009, can be heard exclaiming, “Let us be clear as a community, we are a unique part of this society. We are not going to integrate and lose our identity.

“As Muslims… we are obliged to call those kuffar [non-believers] towards Islam.

“Life is not only alcohol and partying, rather life has a purpose behind it. There’s a death. There’s a reality after death. Therefore everyone should contemplate that.”

When confronted by the Britain First group, Izzadeen asks what they are seeking to protect, and bizarrely rants about the Royal Family’s lineage: “Queen Elizabeth’s husband. He’s Greek. He’s not British. Queen Elizabeth herself. Her origins are German. It’s a German Royal Family. So who are you defending? Your own Queen is German, and her husband is Greek.”

An unknown interviewee explains of the rally: “We have come to show… that Islamic is superior to all other deens (religions) and democracy is failing.”

One poster affixed to a van being driven by Abdul Muhid and his colleague says, “Islam is the cure for all problems”.

The footage ends with the chilling and repetitive chant, “Shariah for UK! Shariah for UK!”

The Need4Khilafah group was also shown by Breitbart London to be proselytising on UK campuses, and there are links to be made between the group’s activists and previously banned organisations such as Al Muhajiroun, Islam4UK and others.

Experts note that “nearly one in five individuals convicted of terrorism offences in the last decade have had links to Al-Muhajiroun and its successor organisations”.



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