Anti-Fracking Protesters Issue Urgent Plea – For Gas

Anti-Fracking Protesters Issue Urgent Plea – For Gas

A group of anti-fracking protesters who have set up camp outside a site at Barton Moss, northwest England, have been forced to make an appeal for gas after their own supply ran out on Sunday morning.

The ‘Protect Barton Moss’ group tweeted from their account:

Colin Gong, 49, blamed the government for the group’s predicament: “If government policy had been geared toward renewable energy I could be using a solar cooker now but I’m not.”

Commenting on irony of his situation, he added: “It’s an easy line for people to take. Obviously I can see the irony, but we use gas that has been obtained by conventional extraction methods.”

Up to 20 people are currently ‘living’ at the site, with others joining them for daily protests.

Professor Ernest Rutter told the Manchester Evening News: “It is quite funny, quite ironic. When I give talks to various groups around the north west I always ask them who has a car and who has a gas cooker. When a lot of them raise their hand I say ‘Oh good, you’re already on my side.’

“I don’t see many of these protesters turning up in a horse and cart either.”


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