Abolish Women's Minister Says Tory Party Women's Group

Abolish Women's Minister Says Tory Party Women's Group

The Women’s Minister job should be abolished according to the co-editor of The Conservative Woman, Laura Perrins. She made the call after the newly appointed Minister, Nicky Morgan, was accused of being unable to represent Lesbians as she voted against gay marriage.

The attack on Morgan came from The Times, who said “Downing Street was left floundering in the face of questions about who would represent lesbians in light of the separation of the brief between the two.” Amongst the sources for the story is controversial gay rights activist Peter Tatchell.

But Perrins argues that “labelling based on such features is odious, and in many ways dehumanising.” She goes on to point out that every government department represents everyone because we all use their services.

The former Barrister said: “Here is an idea – why don’t we abolish the whole wretched brief of wimmin and equalities? 

The Conservative Woman describes itself as a “voice for social conservative values and solutions to modern day problems.”

Nicky Morgan was promoted to Women’s Minister after the departure of Maria Miller this week. Miller held the post along with her main position as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

However, Miller’s replacement at the Department for Culture, is a man: Sajid Javid. This meant that the post had to be given to someone else. Nicky Morgan was given the position alongside her main job, Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

Whilst her Treasury job does not get her a seat at the Cabinet table automatically, she has been given observer status because of her role as Women’s Minister. This was to head off criticisms from Tory modernisers that were were not enough women at the heart of government.

Perrins also used the article to express concern that the attack on Morgan might be the start of a witch hunt against those who opposed Gay Marriage.