Driver Falls 80ft Off Cliff, Survives with Just Broken Arm

Driver Falls 80ft Off Cliff, Survives with Just Broken Arm

A motorist miraculously escaped with just a broken arm after plunging more than 80ft off a cliff in southern England.

The 33-year-old, who has not been named, was driving along a coastal road near Brighton when one of his tires blew out, sending him off the road. His car went over the clifftop, flew over a promenade and fell into the sea.

Yet the driver managed to open his door and swim to safety on some rocks.

The Times says that 22 emergency service workers were sent to rescue the driver after a passer-by witnessed the car fly off the road and raised the alarm.

The motorist was able to walk up the beach when emergency services found him.

Paul Legendre of Newhaven lifeboat station was one of the first people on the scene. He told the Times: “The guy had got out of the car and was walking up the beach.

“The car was in the water — he had missed a 15ft undercliff walk — and went on to the beach. His car was in the water when he got out, and he just walked to the rocks.

“Apparently the chap had had a blowout on his tyre. He’s a very lucky guy. Very lucky. Usually, if the car goes over, there’s hardly any chance of someone surviving.”

Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp of Sussex police added: “Incredibly, a man escaped without serious injury after his car went over the cliff near Roedean just after midnight and ended up in the sea.”