Six-Month Serial Tyre Slasher Caught… And it Was a Dog

Six-Month Serial Tyre Slasher Caught… And it Was a Dog

A six-month long tyre-slashing ordeal for villagers in the Brampton, Cumbria, in the North-West of England has finally come to an end. The culprit however, was not some crazed criminal mastermind who managed to avoid detection for half a year. Instead, it was a dog. 

A Border Collie to be precise. A Border Collie named Jess, which belong to local elderly couple Edward and Jean Morgan, who were reportedly “mortified” when they realised their dog had vandalised ten cars.

Jess was finally caught after being seen by CCTV cameras, according to the Express, gnawing away at a couple of kerbside tyres.

Mrs Morgan, 76, said: “We are both just mortified. She is the most obedient and affectionate dog we have ever had and it is just shocking to hear this terrible news.  We are very distressed by what has happened. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the CCTV footage. To think that Jess has done this has made me feel very sad.”

The Morgans have now reimbursed their neighbours for the damages. 

Mrs Morgan said: “I have had six dogs over the last 50 years and none have ever been like Jess. When I call her she comes straight away. This is why we usually don’t walk her on her lead. She is such a lovely dog and very spirited. From now on though, we will have to start to walk her on her lead.”

It certainly gives us paws for thought…