Scandal As 67 Doctors Illegally Approve Abortions and Escape Without Punishment

Scandal As 67 Doctors Illegally Approve Abortions and Escape Without Punishment

Sixty-seven UK doctors will not face any disciplinary action after signing off abortions for women they had never met. The NHS watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that they had illegally signed blank abortion forms which should only be filled in once they have an understanding of the woman’s circumstances.

A Freedom of Information request by the Daily Mail, however, found that the CQC decided not to prosecute the doctors or submit them to any disciplinary hearing. They also did not pass their names to the police, despite their actions possibly meriting a jail sentence.

Under the Abortion Act, a women can have an abortion only if two doctors agree that to continue the pregnancy could cause physical or emotional harm to her or her unborn baby. At least one of the doctors should have met the woman, and both should have seen her medical notes and have a thorough understanding of her circumstances before signing the form authorising the abortion.

But the CQC found that 67 doctors had pre-signed the forms without even knowing who they would be used for. One doctor had signed so many that they were still being used four years after he left the abortion clinic.

Labour MP Jim Dobbin said this was “clear evidence of the abortion-on-demand culture throughout the medical establishment.”

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, Peter D. Williams, Executive Officer of Right to Life, said: “Regardless of what position we take on the issue of abortion, we can surely at least agree that UK legislation ought to be applied and enforced.

“The refusal then, of the General Medical Council to report sixty-seven doctors to the police for illegally pre-signing abortion forms, calls for both further investigation and an inquiry into the GMC’s conduct and dereliction of their professional role.

“This is yet another example of the disgraceful disregard not only for the law, but for the welfare of women and their unborn children, by a certain section within the medical establishment.

“This latest controversy has revealed again the public’s clear opposition to weakening the application of abortion law, and their desire for the maintenance of strong procedural safeguards.

“The Crown Prosecution Service should also take note of the will of Parliament and the people, and prosecute those doctors who choose to ignore their legal duties towards the welfare of patients.”