Anti-UKIP, Dirty Tricks, 'Fantasy' Letter Alleges Fraud, Paedophilia, and Theft within Farage's Party

Anti-UKIP, Dirty Tricks, 'Fantasy' Letter Alleges Fraud, Paedophilia, and Theft within Farage's Party

Breitbart London has learned of a dirty tricks campaign being waged against the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in the West Midlands, involving numerous allegations including child pornography, theft, and ‘multi-million pound fraud’.

Letters have been circulated to an old list of UKIP candidates and activists, claiming that the party is under investigation by the Metropolitan Police, and that OLAF, the European fraud authorities, are “closing in fast” on senior members of the party.

The letter obtained by Breitbart London has been dismissed as “fantasy” by UKIP sources who point to begrudged former MEPs who were ousted from the party as potential instigators behind the most recent campaign. A basic analysis of the information presented in the letter calls its veracity into serious question, as the author appears not to understand the basic setup of the political party. 

It claims to be from “UKIP Loyalists” but refuses to give any names, and urges recipients of the letter not to correspond using anything but personal email and telephone numbers. It begins: 

Dear Friend,

You have received this letter because you or one of your friends has asked us to include you in this urgent warning. It is with great sadness and reluctance that the time has come to advise you to take the drastic action we have all been talking about. The time to remain silent has gone and if we do not act now, we will suffer the consequences….

The letter goes on to state that party members and activists would be vulnerable in any legal action following rumoured investigations into fraud, theft, and child pornography, although in reality no such thing is true under UK company law. 

UKIP, the letter falsely claims, is an “unincorporated association” which means its candidates and activists may be liable for damages if any allegations against the party were upheld. Sadly for the author, this is not true. UKIP is a limited company which is not only in good financial standing following various donor defections from the Conservative Party, but there is also no investigation by the Metropolitan Police, and the OLAF ‘fraud’ investigation will return no penalties against UKIP, as even some leading Conservatives have admitted publicly.

The letter asks party activists to stand down as candidates, and instead stand as independents in May’s European and local elections in the UK. This raises alarm bells as those who would benefit from a lack of UKIP candidates on the ballot paper are of course UKIP’s closest political opponents, ideologically, and in name.

The Conservative Party would benefit if UKIPers stood down en masse, and so would the “Independence from Europe” party led by former UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass – though there is nothing to suggest that either of these parties are involved in the letter-writing campaign.

The letter ends, “As agreed, resign, stand back form this and we will contact you soon so we can all meet and decide exactly when to act and take back control of our party”. It signs off, “UKIP Loyalists, Loyal to the Cause not the Clique”.

Currently no members of UKIP have stood down, and no proof of any criminal investigations have been found by Breitbart London.

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