British National Party Twitter, Website Hacked by 'Anon' Hackers

British National Party Twitter, Website Hacked by 'Anon' Hackers

The British National Party’s (BNP) Twitter account and website have been hacked by an anonymous Twitter user going by the name of ‘Anon_0x03’, who posted various goading messages on the party’s social media account.

Late on Thursday night, the Twitter feed belonging to the extreme anti-foreigner British National Party was disrupted from its normal flow of tweets about the party’s policies, and instead began to tweet abuse at party leader Nick Griffin.

Messages included, “ kiss my penis bitch lol – ” and “They are all faggots wishing power”.

The BNP’s website appeared to be hacked too, with the website redirecting to a page displayed a Guy Fawkes masked hacker in front of a laptop with the words “Hacked by Anon_0x03, Fuck the Government!”

The sentiment is somewhat bizarre since the BNP has nothing to do with the British government.

The hacker lists as his website, a homepage of one of the notorious ‘Anonymous’ hacker groups. His Twitter profile gives little away, claiming he is a ‘Hacktivista’ and an ex-member of a Venezuelan hackers group.

As of 00:20 on Friday morning, the accounts were still under the control of the hacker.