Liberal Democrats Now Behind Green Party in New EU Election Poll

Liberal Democrats Now Behind Green Party in New EU Election Poll

The Liberal Democrats have no fallen in fifth place, behind the Green Party in the latest poll on voting intention for the European Elections. 

The YouGov poll for the Sunday Times today puts in junior coalition partners on just seven percent, one point behind the Greens.

Among those certain to vote, the gap widens to two points, with the Green Party almost in double figures on nine percent.

The poll also puts UKIP ahead overall, with 29 percent among all respondents (one point ahead of Labour), but with 34 percent among those certain to vote, an eight-point lead.

The results are particularly dire for the Liberal Democrats as they look set to keep just 30 percent of the support they had at the 2010 General Election, losing a quarter of their voters to UKIP, 18 percent to Labour and 16 percent to the Greens.

One of the more surprising results is the one for Scotland. Previous polls have put the Scottish National Party comfortably ahead of Labour for the European Elections, but this poll gives Labour a 13-point lead, a dramatic comeback which would humiliate the SNP in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum.

It remains to be seen whether this is a rogue result or part of a trend.