Blair Under Pressure Over Iraq War Enquiry After Cameron Intervention

Blair Under Pressure Over Iraq War Enquiry After Cameron Intervention

David Cameron has waded into the increasingly acrimonious battle over the publication of the report into the war on Iraq according to the Mail. The report by Sir John Chilcot has suffered multiple delays to its publication, and there are rumours Tony Blair is responsible.

The central allegation against Blair is that he is deliberately delaying the report until after the general election to give Ed Miliband the maximum chance of winning. The official reason for the delay is that there is some debate about which confidential intelligence papers can be released.

Breitbart London understands that legal teams have been wrangling for months over the papers. Blair’s team are keen to limit the damage by suppressing some of the more embarrassing material, whereas Chilcot is determined to publish a full appraisal of what happened.

David Cameron’s spokesman said: “The PM believes there is no excuse for any further lengthy delay in publishing Chilcot.

“It would be unreasonable to postpone it beyond the next Election.”

The Conservatives supported the war on Iraq, but they did so because they were assured by Blair that he had secret evidence that weapons of mass destruction were being developed by Saddam.

The leader at the time Iain Duncan-Smith (IDS) was a former member of the prestigious Scot’s Guard regiment of the army. At a private meeting in Downing Street IDS was convinced to support the war because Blair told him the government was in receipt of evidence against Hussein but could not disclose the nature of it for national security reasons.