Petition to Knight Teenage Cancer Fundraiser Tops 20,000 Signatures

Petition to Knight Teenage Cancer Fundraiser Tops 20,000 Signatures

The petition to knight teenage cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton has topped 20,000 signatures. It was started after the terminally ill teenager added fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust to his bucket list.

He had originally intended to raise £10,000 but when he found that easy he increased his target to £1m. After news of his plans spread donations began tumbling in at a remarkable rate, and the total stands at £3.2m.

Whilst the petition has no direct effect on the nomination process it will undoubtedly add pressure to the Cabinet Office, who make the recommendation to the Queen.

The next time a list of honours will be announced is at the Queen’s official birthday on 15th June. The Queen does have the right to award knighthoods outside this period but it is rare.

Also once the announcement is made the recipient does not have to go to Buckingham Palace to receive it, this may become important if Mr Sutton’s health deteriorates.

Last week Breitbart London exclusively revealed that British politicians are discussing an honour for Mr Sutton, after he was visited by the Prime Minister.

Then on Sunday he claimed to have broken a world record by having the largest number of people forming a heart with their hands. A total of 550 people surrounded Sutton’s house and made the sign on Sunday. Breaking a world record was also on Mr Sutton’s bucket list.

To donate to the Teenage Caner Trust through Stephen Sutton’s just giving page click here.