Pro-Soviet Poised To Become London Underground Union Boss

Pro-Soviet Poised To Become London Underground Union Boss

Dressed in a Soviet hat and carrying an MP44, which were standard issue in the Waffen SS, Steve Hedley looks like a man on a mission. Sadly, that mission is to disrupt London’s transport network as much as possible. The hard line left-winger is one of five candidates to succeed Bob Crow as General Secretary of the extremist RMT Union.

The RMT represents 80,000 people and, as reported on Breitbart London, they have held a number of strikes on the London Underground network. The dispute between the RMT and the Mayor is over a plan to improve the service by forcing staff to man platforms to help the public rather than sit in ticket offices. The hope is that all tickets will be sold by machines, freeing up staff to improve the passenger experience. The RMT is fiercely opposed to these improvements.

Mr Hedley’s facebook page is full of pictures of him at the Kremlin and wearing Soviet clothing. He has also liked the page for the Russia Today TV Channel, the station paid for by the Russian taxpayer to spread their propaganda throughout the world.

He also updated facebook to support the claim by Vladimir Putin that the Ukrainians are fascists. Hedley said: “Shocking attack by Ukrainian fascists on trade union headquarters 43 dead and still elements of the Brit left make excuses for the Nazis.” He quoted Russia Today as a source for the story.

In an earlier rant, he asked other Trade Unions to refuse to cross RMT picket lines. He compared people who do cross the picket line to the UDM (Union of Democratic Mineworkers) who supported Margaret Thatcher against the Soviet backed National Union of Mineworkers in the 1980s. 

He said: “The question that each trade unionist must ask themselves is whose side are you on the side of the most militant union the RMT or the side of the Tory government that wishes to destroy us. 

“If you are on our side then respect our picket lines, if you are on the governments side you will cross the pickets and be remembered as the 21st century UDM scabs and class traitors.

“Support yourself by supporting the RMT strike.”

Hedley’s love of the Soviet Union is likely to boost his chances of winning the RMT leadership, and ordinary members are famous for their extremist views. However, Londoners are likely to be unsettled by the prospect of being beholden to a man who appears to admire an undemocratic dictatorship so much.

The ballot for RMT General Secretary closes on 22nd September 2014, the result should be known shortly after that.

The Soviet Union existed from 1922 – 1991 and is estimated to have killed 20 million of its own people.