Students Abused for Displaying UKIP Sign in Their House

Students Abused for Displaying UKIP Sign in Their House

Two students at the University of Birmingham have suffered abuse after displaying a sign on their door in the run up to the European Elections saying: “Only Conservative or UKIP leaflets welcome”.

The Tab reports that the students were abused by a postman, who branded them “rich, upper class d*cks”, while a student wearing a University of Birmingham hoodie said the sign was “offensive” and threatened the students with disciplinary action.

One of the students said: “Just because we are open to some UKIP policies does not make us ‘closet racists’, as some have claimed.

“I am a Conservative personally, but I am open minded to UKIP policies and am perfectly entitled to express this viewpoint.

“I’m sure students are aware of the amount of junk mail that is posted through student letter boxes, so we were simply trying to filter the junk mail whilst expressing our views.”

They also reported a series of trespassing incidents where people had tried to enter the building and remove or damage the sign.

The abuse continued after they posted on the ‘University of Birmingham: Tell Him/Tell Her‘ Facebook page in protest.

They were described as ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ for sympathising with Britain’s two main centre-right parties. Another use wrote: “You were 100 percent asking for it.”

This is the latest in a series of incidents of abuse by far-left activists against UKIP. As the party’s popularity has risen, protesters have started trying to disrupt party meetings, hurling abuse at attendees and attempting to silence the Eurosceptic politicians.


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